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Vivace Monthly Recital Series | 2023-24 Season - XXIII | Vivace International School of Music

Vivace International School of Music

Vivace Monthly Recital Series | 2023-24 Season - XXIII


Ms. Angela Lai | Mr. Gang Hou | Mr. Milbert Tumaliuan | Mr. Peter Xu

Piano Accompanist

Mr. Ming Yang


Ms. Joanna Liao


Vivace International School of Music (Dun Huang Plaza)

9889 Bellaire Blvd, #D261, Houston, TX 77036

Dress Rehearsal

April 7, 2024 | Sunday

(Based on a first-come, first-served basis)

05:00 PM -05:30 PM

Abigail Liu | William Hao | Albert Hao | Greyson Goszyk | Gavin Goszyk | Amira Chajar | Naimisha Das | Aaron Liu | Peter Mazyar | Roman Mazyar | Muxing Jiang | Stevie Zhang | Emily Sun | Samuel Lee | Chloe Ren | Yifan Shen

05:30 PM -06:00 PM with Mr. Ming Yang

Jason Kim | Antony Yu | Jasper Gu | Vivasvaan Rao | Anson Soule | Thrayee Rao


06:30 PM | April 7, 2024 | Sunday

Students Recital Etiquette:

Audience Age Limit: 6 Years Old & Above (Excluding Current Vivace Students)


(This marks the 23rd student recital for the 2023-24 season at Vivace International School of Music.)

Shaker Melody by Peter Gritton | Circus Rag by Cecilia McDowall

Jason Kim | Flute

ca. 2

Long Long Ago by Thomas Haynes Bayly | Spooked by Helen Jane Long

Antony Yu | Flute

ca. 3

Concerto in A Minor, Op.3, No.6, 1st mvt. by A. Vivaldi

Jasper Gu | Violin

ca. 5

Concerto No 2, 3rd mov. by F. Seitz

Vivasvaan Rao | Violin

ca. 4

The Boy Paganini By Edward Mollenhaue

Anson Soule | Violin

ca. 5

3rd Air Varie on a theme by Bellini By C. Dancla

Thrayee Rao | Violin

ca. 5

------ Intermission | 5 Mins ------

Spanish Caballero by Nancy and Randall Faber

Abigail Liu | Piano

ca. 2

A Day in Vienna and Malaguena by E. L. Lancaster et al

William Hao | Piano

ca. 2

Fandango by E.L. Lancaster et al

Albert Hao | Piano

ca. 3

The Food Court and Shadows by E. L. Lancaster et. al

Greyson Goszyk | Piano

ca. 3

Ode to Beethoven Bear’s Joy and The Big Finish by E. L. Lancaster et. al

Gavin Goszyk | Piano

ca. 2

Grandmother and Bells of Great Britain by N. Faber et. al

Amira Chajar | Piano

ca. 2

Dancing with Frankenstein by N. Faber et al

Naimisha Das | Piano

ca. 1

Grandmother | Allegro

Aaron Liu | Piano

ca. 3

Aria and Captain Hook's Rockin' Party by F. Faber

Peter Mazyar | Piano

ca. 3

Canon by Johann Pachelbel | Spring by Antonio Vivaldi

Roman Mazyar | Piano

ca. 4

Dance Theme and Variation by Faber | Home on the Range by Faber | Mr. McGill’s Boop Sha-Bop by Faber

Muxing Jiang | Piano

ca. 3

Let’s Play Ball by Faber | Rodeo by Faber | Russian Folk Song by Faber

Stevie Zhang | Piano

ca. 3

My Daydream by Faber | Our Detective Agency by Faber | Pirate of the North Sea by Faber

Emily Sun | Piano

ca. 3

No Moon Tonight by Faber | Lead on Black horse by Faber | Boogie on Broadway by Faber | Row, Row, Row Your Boat by Faber

Samuel Lee | Piano

ca. 3

Long Long Ago | Jingle Bells

Chloe Ren | Piano

ca. 3

Victory by Two Steps From Hell

Yifan Shen | Piano

ca. 3

------ Awarding | Group Photos ------



You may park in the 4-stories garage building behind Vivace Houston (Dun Huang Plaza).


  • Please self-assess your health before leaving home.

  • Please check-in at the entrance,

Vivace International School of Music

Vivace International School of Music

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