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Vivace Monthly Recital Series | 2021-22 Season - V

Welcome to the concert!


Dress Rehearsal | Sound & Camera Check Time: November 13, 2021 (Saturday) 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Vivace Monthly Recital Series | 2021-22 Season - V Time: November 14, 2021 (Sunday) 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


Vivace Online:

All performers will receive the event links and passwords 23 hours in advance.

Please watch the video of Recital Logistics before the Sound & Camera Check, and contact us immediately if there is any incorrect repertoire information.


Host: Alexander Wang

Co-host: Shi Na Zhao

Roses for you by Louise Curcio | Cuckoo by Emil Breslaur

Bailey Zhao | Piano

Baa Baa Black Sheep | This Old Man | Allegro by S. Suzuki

Rayne Wang | Cello

Minuet in D by Mozart | The First Flakes Are Falling by Helen Madden | Inter-City Stomp by Christopher Norton

Elle Shi | Piano

Ode To Joy by L. V. Beethoven

Helen Ma | Cello

Lightly Row | Can-Can by J. Offenbach

Manning Yang | Violin

Moody Gigue by Vitalij Neugasimov | Riding the Hobby-Horse by Grechaninov

Bryce Chen | Piano

Sonata No. 3 in F Major, 2nd Mvt by G. F. Handel

Sophia Long | Violin

Menuet in G by J. S. Bach | Afrolic in Velocity by C. Czerny

Oliver Hill | Piano

Minuet No. 3 by J.S.Bach

Skye Lindsley | Violin

Teasing Song by Bartok

Laura Gao | Piano

Lightly Row | Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Evalynn Lu | Cello

Minuet by L. Boccherini

Audrey Yang | Violin

Minuet No.2 by J. S. Bach

Frederick Pang | Violin

Sonata in C Major, Minuet I & II by J. S. Bach | Scotch Dance by L. V. Beethoven-5min

Julian James | Flute

The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens

Tiffany Chen | Piano

Concerto in A Minor by A. Vivaldi

Valentina Zhang | Violin

Tarantella Etude No. 20 by F. Burgmuller | The School of Velocity, Op. 299, No. 2 by C. Czerny

Joyce Cao | Piano

Perpetual Motion by S. Suzuki | Minuet No. 3 by J. S. Bach

Joylyn Qin | Viola

Etude Op. 25, No.2 by Chopin

Chloe Chen | Piano

Sonatina in B flat Major by Baklanova

Norah Xie | Violin

Waltz by F. Schubert

Cheryl Zhou | Flute

Sonatina in C Major, Op. 20, No. 1, 3rd Mvt by Kuhlau

Umberto Barron | Piano

Sonata in D Major, No. 4 by G. F. Handel

Vivian Stone | Violin

Suite No. 1 in G Major, Minuet I & II by J. S. Bach

Emily Yi | Cello

Concerto in D Major, No. 25 by O. Rieding

Benjamin Zhou | Violin

Gipsy Rondo by J. Haydn

Emma Li | Piano

Moonlight Sonata, 1st Mvt by L. V. Beethoven

Emma Lane | Piano

Suite No.1 in G Major, Minuet I & II by J. S. Bach

Tristan Li | Cello

Etude in A Major, Op. 107, No. 10 by Sigfrid Karg-Elert | Etude in A flat Minor Op. 26, No.16 by Theobold Boehm | Etude in E flat Minor, Op. 15, No. 16 by Joachim Andersen

Melody Ma | Flute


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