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Vivace Monthly Recital Series | 2021-22 Season - III

This will be the 3rd student recital of VMR 2020-21 Season. Welcome to the concert!


Dress Rehearsal | Sound & Camera Check Time: September 18, 2021 (Saturday) 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Vivace Monthly Recital Series | 2021-22 Season - III Time: September 19, 2021 (Sunday) 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


Vivace Online:

All performers will receive the event links and passwords 23 hours in advance.

Please watch the video of Recital Logistics before the Sound & Camera Check, and contact us immediately if there is any incorrect repertoire information.


Host: Alexander Wang

Ecossaise in G by J.W. Hassler | The First Flakes Are Falling by Helen Madden | Inter-City Stomp by Christopher Norton

Aaheli Das | Piano

Let’s play ball by Faber | Petite Minuet by Faber

Maisie Mao | Piano

Dance Band by Faber | Let’s play ball by Faber

Alexander Gui | Piano

Let’s play ball & Petite Minuet by Faber

Zach Mei | Piano

Perpetual Motion from "Little Suite" by C. Bohm

Justin Tai | Violin

Waltz by Emil Breslaur

Leo Yao | Piano

Firefly by Faber | This is not a jingle bell by Faber

Xirui Wang | Piano

Copy Cat by Faber | Come see the parade by Faber

Max Wu | Piano

Lemonade Stand by Faber | Grandmother by Faber

Avery Okotie | Piano

Quadrille by F. J. Haydn | Simple Gifts by Shaker Hymn

Nathan Sun | Piano

Our Detective Agency by N. Faber | Storms on Saturn by N. Faber

Isabella Li | Piano

Scherzo by Gurlitt | Celebration by Gurlitt

Kassie Gao | Piano

Tarantella by John Thompson

Emma Lane | Piano

Innocence by Burgmüller | Minuet in G by J. S. Bach

Annie Yue | Piano

The School of Velocity, Op.299, 1st Mvt by C. Czerny

Julie Cao | Piano

Op.599, No.56 by C. Czerny | Romance Op.47 No.13 by Robert Fuchs

Sherry Pan | Piano

Turkey in the Straw by John Thompson | Tom-Toms by John Thompson

Zachary Li | Piano

Kiss The Rain by Yiruma

Melinda Zhu | Piano

Sonatina in C Major Op.157, No.1, 1st & 2nd Mvt by F. Spindler

Jodi Zhou | Piano

Sonata in C Major, Hob. XVI: 10, 1st Mvt by F. J. Haydn

Willem Guan Yu Jansen | Piano

Mazurka in A Minor, Op. 68, No.2 by F. Chopin

Yuhiko Ikoma | Piano

Ballade No.14 by F. Bergmuller | Sonatina Op.36, No.1 in C Major, 1st Mvt by M. Clementi

Bryce Chen | Piano

Minuet and Trio by F. Schubert | Moonbeams by Barbara Arens

Laura Gao | Piano

The School of Velocity Op.299, No.1 by C. Czerny | Waltz in A Minor, Op. Posth B 150 by F. Chopin

Joyce Cao | Piano

The Cuckoo | A Spanish Fiesta" by John Thompson

Miumiu Fei | Piano

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Evalynn Lu | Cello

Étude No. 22 by David Popper

Ray Cheng | Cello

Salut d’Amour by Edward Elga

Kevin Hu | Violin

Concerto in A Minor, 1st Mvt by A. Vivaldi

Willem Guan Yu Jansen | Violin

Minuet in G by J. S. Bach | The Tiresome Woodpecker by John Thompson | A Spanish Fiesta" By John Thompson

Luffy Sun | Piano

Serenade Op.109, No.10 by Burgmuller | Waltz Op.64, No.1 by F. Chopin

Jerry Pan | Piano

Sonata No.2 in E Minor, Adagio & Allegro by B. Marcello

Tristan Li | Cello

Concerto in A Minor, 3rd Mvt by A. Vivaldi

Kelvin Tan | Violin


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