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Vivace Annual Recital 2022-23 Season

Rehearsal | August 12 (Friday)

Piano: 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM & 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM,

Guitar & Drums: 04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Strings Ensemble: 04:30 PM - 05:00 PM

Strings: 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Recital | August 13, 2022 (Saturday)

Piano, Guitar & Drums Session

Check-in: 01:30 PM - 02:00 PM

Performance: 02:00 PM - 03:15 PM

Awarding & Group Photos: 03:15 PM

Strings & Strings Ensemble Session

Check-in: 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM

Performance: 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM

Awarding & Group Photos: 05:30 PM

Location: Kawai Music Hall | 5800 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77057


Students Recital Etiquette:

VMR Videos: VMR Videos:


Host: Jerry Zhang | Piano Accompanist: Ms. Sayaka Seki

Recital Managers: Ms. Joanna Liao & Ms. Violet Wu

------ Piano, Guitar & Drums Session | 02:00 PM ------

Runaway Rabbit | A Mixed Up Song | Haunted Mouse

Eliana Wang | Piano

Race horse by Samuel Wilson, By Moonlight by Boris Kremenliev

Nathan Li | Piano

Castle in the Sky by Joe Hisaishi

Chloe Ren | Piano

Etude Op.599 No.11 by C. Czerny | Minuet in G by J.S.Bach

Chelsea Liu | Piano

Sonatina Op.20, No.1 ( I. Allegro; II. Andante ) by F. Kuhlau | Waltz No.10 in B Minor ( Op.69, No.2 Posthumous) by F. Chopin

Bryce Chen | Piano

La Chavaleresque by Burgmüller | Mr. Trumpet Man by Gillock

Nathan-Jin Sun | Piano

Piano Duet- Waltzes from Fledermus | Gypsy Baron by J. Strauss

Chiara Wang | Piano

La Chevaleresque by J.F.F. Burgmuller | Fur Elise WoO 59 by L.V. Beethoven

Milani Velez | Piano

A minor Waltz by Chopin

Kassie Gao | Piano

Melody by Couppey, Pirates of North Sea

Lynne Guo | Piano

Ms. Mei Lian | Piano

Minuet by J.S.Bach | Etude Op. 599, No. 18 by C. Czerny | Carry Me Back to Old Virginny by James A. Bland

Claire Zhou | Piano

A Gay Waltz By Gurlitt | Irish Washerman by Montague

Zach Mei | Piano

Sonatina in C Major op. 36 no. 1 3rd Mvt. by Clementi

Leo Yao | Piano

Chipmunk Lullaby by Clark | Ride on the Train by Munger

Heidi Chan | Piano

Polka By Gurlitt | March by Czerny

Ethan Mei | Piano

Rondo Alla Turka (3rd Mvt. from Sonata K.331-Turkish March) by W.A. Mozart

Riesajen De Gracia | Piano

Douce Reverie by P.I.Tchaikovsky | Fur Elise WoO 59 by L.V. Beethoven

Yihan Sun | Piano

Revolutionary Etude Op.10 No.12 by F. Chopin

Charlotte Murray | Piano

Prelude in C Minor BWV 999 by J.S.Bach | Sonata in C KV 545 by W.A.Mozart | Fur Elise WoO 59 by L.V. Beethoven.

Sarah Rubin | Piano

Moments Musicaux in F Minor Op.94 No. 3 by F. P. Schubert | The School of Velocity Op.299 No.5by C. Czerny | Nocture Op.20 by F. Chopin

Flora Zhou | Piano

Slam Dunk Theme Song by BAAD | Rhythms in Motion by Marlon Simon

Yifan Shen | Drums

Mr. Marlon Simon | Congas

Shivers by Ed Sheeran

Leo Yao | Electric Guitar

Count on Me by Bruno Mars

Weilang Wang | Guitar

Henry Yu | Violin

Milan Tam | Bass

Mason Young | Drums

------ Piano, Guitar & Drums Session: Awarding | Group Photos | 03:20 PM ------

------ Strings & Strings Ensemble Session | 04:00 PM ------

Fantasie No. 7: Dolce by G. Telemann

Valentina Zhang | Violin

Puppet Show by J. Trott

Anyao Xu | Violin

The Boy Paganini by E. Mollenhauer

Celine Liu | Violin

Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor: 1st movement by M. Bruch

Kevin Hu | Violin

Long, Long Ago by T.H.Bayly | Allegro by S. Suzuki | Perpetual Motion by S. Suzuki

Lilia Tsoi | Violin

Concerto in A minor Op3, No.6, 3rd Mvt. by A. Vivaldi

Aiden Xu | Violin

Hunters’ Chorus by C. M. von Weber | Long, Long Ago with Variation by T.H. Bayly

Skye Lindsley | Violin

Mazurka by Emil Mlynarski

Sophia Long | Violin

Long, Long Ago and Variation by T.H. Bayly | Waltz by J. Brahms

Iris Zeng | Violin

Concerto in B minor Op35. 3rd Mvt. by O. Rieding

Cadence Wang | Violin

Long, Long Ago by T. H. Bayly

Christina Zhou | Violin

Concerto in B minor Op35. 1st Mvt. by O. Rieding

Frederick Pang | Violin

Lightly Row | Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Jacob Morgan | Violin

Gigue from Sonata in D minor, Op2, No.7 by F. M. Veracini

LinTong Cai | Violin

Concerto in E minor No.1 1st Mvt. by Anatoli Komarowski

Michelle Li | Violin

Violin Ensemble:

Long, Long Ago by T.H. Bayly | Hunter’s Chorus by C.M.von Weber | Humoresque by A.Dvorak

Aiden Xu | Anson Soule | Christina Zhou | Frederick Pang | Iris Zeng | Maxine Li | Michelle Li | Sebastian Wang | Skye Lindsley | Kevin Hu

Strings Ensemble:

Waltz No.2 by Dmitri Shostakovich

Violin: Aiden Xu | Christina Zhou | Frederick Pang | Michelle Li | Ms. Xiaoou Ma | Ms. Julia Tondera

Cello: Evalynn Lu | Rayne Wang | Ms. Kristiana Ignatjeva

------ Strings & Strings Ensemble Session: Awarding | Group Photos | 05:30 PM ------


The health and safety of our patrons, musicians, and staff is our top priority.

Current safety measures include:

  • Mask-wearing is required for all audience

  • No food or drinks will be allowed inside the auditorium

  • Please don't touch the pianos in the Kawai piano gallery without permission


  • Please self-assess your health before leaving home.

  • Please check-in at the entrance, our staff will measure your temperature and provide face mask if you forget to bring.


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