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Sound & Camera Check Time Order for Vivace Monthly Recital Series | 2020-21 Season - IV

Please watch the video of Recital Logistics before the Sound & Camera Check, and contact us immediately if there is any repertoire information incorrect.

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4:00-4:30, Oct. 16, 2020

Minuet by G. P. Telemann

Kayden Wu | Piano

Turkey in the Straw | Indian Tom Toms | The Giant Steps by John Thompson

Daren Wang | Piano

Playing Tag | Oh, Susanna | Ten little Indians | Sunrise by John Thompson

Arna Aggarwal | Piano

Shadow Dance | Acrobats | Tribal Dance | Chinese Theatre | Cowboy's Song by John Thompson

David Zhang | Piano

Prelude in B minor op. 28 no. 6 by F. Chopin

Sarah Wang | Piano

Song of the Brook | Dancing Fingers by John Thompson | Minuet No.1 by Bach

Edoardo Barron | Piano

The Tiresome Woodpecker | John Peel | Habanera from "Carmen" by John Thompson

Aaheli Das | Piano

Gavotte from “Mignon” by A. Thomas

Gracie Anna Ju | Violin


4:30-5:00, Oct. 16, 2020

Top of the World

Cheryl Zhou | Voice

Dream by Long Wang

Andy Li | Voice

Concerto in b minor by O. Rieding

Angelina Tung | Violin

Student’s concerto No.5 by F.Seitz

Norah Xie | Violin

J.S. Bach Concerto in A minor, 3rd Mvt.

Kevin Hu | Violin

Sonatina Op.36 No.5 in G Major, Mvt. 3 by Clementi | Etude Op.299 No.1 by Czerny

Zhaolin Colin Wu | Piano

Schubert's Serenade, from John Thompson; Etude Op.299 No,1 by Czerny

Angela Mu | Piano

Konzert Nr. 3, 2nd Mvt. Romanze by Carl Stamitz

Katherine Hwang | Clarinet


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