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Session 3 | 07:00PM-08:30PM May 7, 2023 (Sunday) | Vivace Semi-Annual Recital 2023

Vivace Semi-Annual Recital 2023

Vivace Semi-Annual Recital 2023

Session 3 | 07:00PM-08:30PM May 7, 2023 (Sunday)

Teachers: Mr. Kevin Hwang | Ms. Sophia Liu | Ms. Xiaoou Ma

Piano Accompanists: Ms. Sherry Jiang | Mr. YeeJin Yuk


Vivace International School of Music (Dun Huang Plaza) | 9889 Bellaire Blvd, #D261, Houston, TX 77036

Dress Rehearsal

04:00PM-05:00PM Solos

05:00PM-05:20PM Violin Duet

05:20PM-05:40PM Cello Duet

05:45PM-06:30PM Vivace String Ensemble

May 7, 2023 | Sunday


07:00PM-08:30PM, May 7, 2023 | Sunday

Students Recital Etiquette:

VMR Videos: VMR Videos:

VMR Photos:

Audience (Age Limit: 6yo and elder): Please RSVP at

(This marks the 20th student recital and the 3rd session of VSAR 2023 for the 2022-23 season at Vivace International School of Music.)


Concerto No.9 in A Minor, Op.104 by Bériot

Michelle Li | Violin

ca. 5

Minuet by L. Boccherini

Emma Li | Violin

ca. 5

Gavotte by P. Martini

Jacob Morgan | Violin

ca. 5

Concerto No. 2 in G Major, Op13, 3rd Mvt. by F. Seitz

Christina Zhou | Violin

ca. 5

Concerto No. 5 in D Major, Op22, 1st Mvt by F. Seitz

Sebastian Wang | Violin

ca. 5

Sonata in E minor op.14, No. 5, I. Largo, II. Allegro by A. Vivaldi

Rayne Wang | Cello

ca. 5

------ Intermission | 10 mins ------

Cello Trio: Minuet in G by L. V. Beethoven

Rayne Wang, Julian James, Ms. Sophia Liu

ca. 5

Cello and Piano: Mulan | Chinese music poem

Rayne Wang | Cello

Julian James | Piano

ca. 3

Cello Duet: Theme from “Witches’ Dance” by N. Paganini, March in G by J. S. Bach

Simona Li, Ms. Sophia Liu

ca. 3

Cello Duet: Sonata in C Major op. 40, No. 1, I. Allegro, II. Rondo grazioso by Jean Bapitiste Breval

Evalynn Lu, Ms. Sophia Liu

ca. 8

Violin Ensemble: Largo by Antonín Dvorák | The Red Sarafan | Marche Militaire by Franz Schubert

Aaron Hao, Aiden Xu, Christina Zhou, Emma Li, Jacob Morgan, Kevin Xiang, Michelle Li, Sebastian Wang, Skye Lindsley

ca. 8

Cello Quartet: The Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi, I. Spring, II.Summer, III. Autumn, IV. Winter

Julian James, Rayne Wang, Evalynn Lu, Simona Li

ca. 10

Vivace String Ensemble: He is the Pirate | Auld Lang Syne

Violins: Aaron Hao, Aiden Xu, Christina Zhou, Emma Li, Jacob Morgan, Kevin Xiang, Michelle Li, Sebastian Wang, Skye Lindsley

Cellos: Evalynn Lu, Julian James, Rayne Wang, Simona Li

ca. 8

------ Awarding | Group Photos ------


You may park in the 4-stories garage building behind Vivace Houston (Dun Huang Plaza).


The health and safety of our patrons, musicians, and staff is our top priority.

Current safety measures include:

  • Mask-wearing is required for all audience

  • No food or drinks will be allowed inside the auditorium


  • Please self-assess your health before leaving home.

  • Please check-in at the entrance, our staff will measure your temperature and provide face mask if you forget to bring.


Vivace Houston (Dun Huang Plaza)

9889 Bellaire Blvd., #D261, Houston, TX 77036

Vivace Katy (Cinco Ranch)

23855 Cinco Ranch Blvd., #220, Katy, TX 77494

Vivace Sugar Land (Riverstone)

4502 Riverstone Blvd #1204, Missouri City, TX 77459

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