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Sound & Camera Check Time Order for Vivace Student Recital Series | 2020-21 Season - II

Sound & Camera Check for VSR Online

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Sound & Camera Check Time Order

(Please watch the videos above carefully in advance)

4:00-4:30 PM, Aug. 14, 2020 (Friday)

Little Prelude by L. Schytte

Sriya Bose | Piano

Old German Dance by M. Praetorius

Ethan Du | Piano

Minuet No.3 by J. S. Bach

Cadence Wang | Violin

L. Boccherini Minuet

Celine Liu | Violin

J. S. Bach Minuet

Valentina Zhang | Violin

J. S. Bach Violin concerto in A minor, 2nd movement

Kevin Hu | Violin

The Two Grenadiers by R. Schumann |Theme from Witches' Dance by N. Paganini

Gabriel Schaeffer Franco | Violin

Trumpet Tune by W. Duncombe | Minuet in G major by J. S. Bach

Jodi Zhou | Piano

Shepherd’s Song by L. V. Beethoven | The Crawling Spider by N. Faber | Sleeping Beauty Waltz by P. Tchaykovsky

Ethan Zhang | Piano

Morning from "Peer Gynt" by E. Grieg

Maxine He | Piano

Corrente by D. Turk | Bourree by W. A. Mozart | Entrada by M. Praetorius

Jiahui Zhang | Piano

4:30-5:00 PM, Aug. 14, 2020 (Friday)

Sonatina by Tobias Haslinger | Dreamcatcher by Gauder

Sharon Fang | Piano

Invention No.4 by Bach, Etude No.5 by Khachaturian

Minami Tanimura | Piano

Sonatina in G major op.151, nr1 by A. Diabelli

Ivy Liu | Piano

Berceuse by F. Schubert ( accompanied by Iris Wu) | Bourrée by G. F. Handel

Jocelyne Moreno | Cello

Sonata No.5: I. Largo, II. Allegro ma non troppo by A. Vivaldi

Kevin Wu | Cello

Concerto in E minor No.1 by Komarovsky

David Cui | Violin

Handel Sonata VI for Violin and Piano

Karen Woodward | Violin

* Please send an email to, if there is any wrong repertoire or performer info above.

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