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Guitar Faculty

Mr. Wang is a professional guitar player, a rock musician and independent record producer. He was the guitarist of Zi Yue Band (1995-2014) which was one of the most distinctive rock bands in China. In 1999, the band performed at French Music Festival as the only Chinese band at the event; in the same year, Zi Yue performed at “Silk Road International Culture and Art Festival” in Canada. In 2000, Zi Yue was invited to Italy and performed at Turin Eurasian Art Festival. Zi Yue, as the one and only rock band, performed for Chinese national leaders and Norway Prime Minister at “China-Norway Friendship Music Gala” with traditional and formal musicians at Zhong Shan Music Hall. At the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games in Beijing, Ziyue was invited to perform for the audience from all over the world.


Mr. Wang as a sole guitarist co-founded the JungleCat band (2004-2008) with Jessica Meider, Liu Wei and Feifei. The band is famous for its exceptional music style mixing electronic music and traditional jazz. JungleCat performed at many major Jazz Music Festivals in China including Midi Jazz Festival, Nine Gate International Jazz Festival, Shanghai Jazz Festival, Sanya Jazz Festival, etc. The worldwide famous rock artist of China, Mr. Cui, Jian, also joined JungeleCat’s live performances from time to time as a trumpet player.


Besides professional performance, Mr. Wang is also a senior advisor since 2004 of “Guitar China” Website. The website was launched on October 1st, 2000. It is an authorized guitar-centered online media, which has the highest popularity and strongest professionalism domestically. Ten thousand registered members have posted more than 10 million posts so far.

​The “Guitar China” website is affiliated to Beijing Music Golden Era Culture Propagation Co. Ltd. where Mr. Wang is working as the Artistic Director since 2006. In addition to creating an online music industry, the company also hosted various world’s leading rock shows such as Steve Vai’s Beijing Concert and Paul Gilbert’s Beijing and Shanghai Concerts. In the process of participating in various performances, Mr. Wang was able to perform with internationally renowned guitarists such as Neil Naza, Richie Kotzen, Thomas Blug and José de Castro. He also provided professional guidance for the development of the website and the establishment of the brand.

Mr. Wang is not only an exceptional musician but also an experienced educator of music for over 35 years. He is the Director of Education since 2015 in Mogu Music Education Alliance created by “Guitar China”, the organization is committed to the collaborative development of solidarity and all-round promotion of modern music education and training institutions across the country, providing a comprehensive solution for guitar/drum training and sales organizations across the country to create a modern Multimedia platform for music education services. Currently there are already 293 franchisees.

Mr. Wang is also a judge of Beta Three National Electric Guitar and Music Band Competition for ten consecutive years, a judge for EART Electric Guitar Competition for three years, and a judge for National Junior Music Band Competition for three years.


Yamaha Guitar Endorsed Artist

Samick Guitar Endorsed Artist

Sterling Guitar Endorsed Artist

Relish Guitar China Endorsed Artist

Beta Three Speaker Endorsed Artist

British Vintage (John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd) First Key Player in China

Hotone China Endorsed Artist


Major Performances

1999 French Music Festival held by the French Embassy

1999 Canadian “Silk Road International Culture and Art Festival”

1999 Zhongshan Concert Hall “China-Norway Friendship Music Gala”

2000 Italian “Turin Eurasian Art Festival”

2003 Performed with famous American guitarist Marty Friedman at Beijing Palm Club

2004 “Glorious Road of Chinese Rock” Music Festival

2004 Shanghai “Summer Breeze Music Season” Concert

2006 Shanghai International Jazz Festival

2006 Nine Gates International Jazz Festival at Zhongshan Park

2007 Guitar China Tour Hong Kong Station in September

2007 Midi International Jazz Festival in October

2008 Beijing Olympics Session Performance

2010 & 2013 Beijing Poly Theatre Concerts

2013 Famous TV Variety Show “Super Girl Rock Night Concert” by Hunan Satellite TV

2013 Performed with famous German guitarist Thomas Blug at Yugongyishan LiveHouse in May

2013 Performed with famous Spanish guitarist José de Castro at Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition in October

2013 Performed with famous American guitarist Richie Kotzen at Yugongyishan LiveHouse in December

2014 Famous TV Variety Show “Super Boys” by Hunan Satellite TV

2015 Chinese famous singer Chen, Chusheng Xiamen Concert

2016 Chinese famous mezzo-soprano singer Guan, Mucun Concert

2017 Performed with Australian guitar musician Frank Gambale at Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition

2018 American MI Conservatory & Guitar China Star Lecturer Concert in October

2018 Guitar China (Lishui-Longquan) International Guitar Culture and Art Festival



Albums: All albums were produced independently including creation, arrangement and performance of the tracks.

1. “A Fascinating Journey”: Music Album, published in 2004

2. “Unattended Battlefield”: Music Album, published in 2004

3. “Passionate World, Heartless World”: Music Album, published in 2008

4. “Lucky Gate”: Music Album, published in 2014

5. “Mystery of Heart”: Live Performance Video Album, published in 2014

6. “From Scratch”: Music Album, published in 2018

7. “The Beginning of Change”: Music Performance Album, published in 2018

Professional Guitar Teaching Materials: both books are among the best sellers in the field and had been reprinted for multiple times.

1. “Funk Guitar Textbook”: Guitar Textbook, published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing Company in 2004

2. “Electric Guitar Solo Elementary Courses”: Guitar Teaching Materials, published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing Company in 2006

3. “Electric Guitar ”: Grade-examination textbook of China’ ministry of culture, pubished by China Youth Publishing House in 2017

4. “Electric Guitar System Tutorial 1 — Introduction to Basics” Guitar Textbook,published by China Industry and Information Technology Publishing Group in 2018

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