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Violin Teacher

Connect with a Violin Teacher that Provides Online Classes

Have you been missing music classes with your usual violin teacher? Vivace Academy LLC offers violin lessons with qualified professional musicians ready to connect with you online when you can't make it to your lesson in person. While it will always be important to conduct lessons where the teacher can demonstrate and correct the student in person, online technology provides an accessible option for the dedicated student. Keep practicing and prepare for your next recital even during summers and holiday vacations with this easy option.

Audition for Violin Near Me and Look to Your Future as a Musician

We accept music students that show a serious interest in developing their talent and technique. Located in the Greater Houston area, our faculty can provide lessons for violin near me that also give you the direction to grow as a complete musician. We require an audition for each student so that you are matched to a teacher that can support you at your current and future level of ability. We expect you to practice every day and will also give you tuition in sight reading, ear training, and music history.

Sign Up for Classes on the Weekends, Afternoons or Evenings

Since your music teacher is a working performing musician, we offer classes during many different time slots. You can request lessons during the work day which fit in with many college or home school students. Other options include after school afternoon slots, evenings, and weekend appointments. You can also sign up for supporting classwork in solfege, music theory, and history to help widen your appreciation of the craft and improve interpretation.

Practice Performance Violin in Katy and Connect with Successful Instructors

We offer two campus options for our students including Houston and lessons for violin in Katy, TX. Are you gearing up for a recital, audition, or even an exam performance? Step up your game and request immersive instruction for your upcoming performance. We will combine in-person and online lesson time to ensure that your piece becomes absolutely perfect and imbue you with the confidence to perform without a glitch.

See and hear a real difference in your progress as a violinist when you sign up with Vivace Academy LLC for violin lessons today. Simply click on register or call to begin the audition and placement process. You will enter into a world filled with others who love music and seek to improve performance standards every day.

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