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Professional Music Teachers

Professional Music Teachers Deliver Lessons that Make a Difference

At Vivace Academy LLC, our entire faculty consists of professional performing musicians. When you are interested in working hard to take your musical career to the next level, audition for us and sign up for private lessons on your preferred instrument by professional music teachers. While the lessons you received through your school or neighborhood piano teacher provide the groundwork, you need to expand your knowledge, technique, and understanding of the craft when you want to start performing at a higher level. Learn from the best when you work with us!

Members of the Houston Symphony Orchestra Supporting Your Future

If you or your child is focused on attaining a position playing from a symphony orchestra, make sure that they learn their daily habits from other pros in the business. Our faculty delivers lessons for piano, cello, violin, clarinet, brass, and percussion. You will practice your technique, engage in a daily practice regimen, and learn how to interpret the music scored by the masters of classical music. Before long, you or your child will have a whole new perspective for improving their craft and becoming a true musician.

Discover the Focus, Discipline, and Practical Theory Required to See Serious Progress

Do you know the notes but struggle to keep up during orchestra practice? Consider adding a class in theory and ear training from Vivace Academy. You will develop a better understanding of how music works from the ground up and develop a more responsive ear. Sight reading will improve significantly, which helps you become a meaningful contributor to your performing group.

Take the first step to attaining your dream as a classical musician in a symphony orchestra by registering with Vivace Academy LLC today. You will be paired with an appropriate music teacher. With hard work and dedication, you will see and hear a significant difference in your performance in just a few short months.

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