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Piano Teacher Houston

A Piano Teacher Near Me that Helps Me Rise to the Next Level

Is your child performing Beethoven on the piano, but they struggle to make the notes sing? It might be time to switch up things. At Vivace Academy LLC, we can connect you with a piano teacher near me that is equipped to help your budding musical star unleash their innate musician. Since our faculty is filled with performing professionals, we understand exactly what it takes to connect the physical task of playing the notes with their meaning and music. Click on Register to begin the audition process today.

Our School of Music Welcomes All Dedicated and Talented Music Students

It takes years and years of practice and performing to become a professional artist. When we accept you or your child into our school of music, we set the bar high and demand serious effort on your part. Students must be committed to practicing every day, attend every lesson, and are open to attending additional classes in theory and ear training. It is only when you immerse yourself into your craft will you begin to see the progress you have always dreamed of achieving, but could not grasp with previous tutors.

Find a Piano Teacher in Houston that Teaches at Your Skill Level

If you started out with your school's music teacher for lessons, they provided direction commensurate with their own level of proficiency. When you are no longer receiving technical tips and insight into your recital pieces, you need to find a piano teacher in Houston with the chops required to challenge your ability level. Our faculty regularly performs on the international music stage with premier classical music organizations. You will learn the mechanics and interpretation required to dazzle the judges at the next competition.

Our Audition Process Ensures You are Matched with the Instructor Needed to Attain Success

Yes, even the youngest musicians entering the Academy must provide an audition. Your youngest child in their first year might struggle to find the right notes, but we can identify other areas that may provide for more advanced placement. We offer tuition on all types of instruments used in performing classical music from piano to cello to brass and woodwinds. If your child's skill level and schedule match openings with an appropriate faculty member, we will notify you of the positive results of the audition.

With classes available in Katy and Houston, in the afternoon and weekends, we strive to match your need for professional guidance with our busy schedule. Click the register button and audition for Vivace Academy LLC today.

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