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Piano Private Lessons

Piano can be the first thing that usually comes to mind when we talk about musical instrument study. Playing piano sure can be a good way for those who never learned music before, but thinking of giving it a try. It is rarely played as a part of a band or orchestra as you can easily make chords on this one single instrument. Reading the score of a piano piece requires the performer to read different melodic and harmonic lines of both left and right hand, which is the hardest part at the beginning. But once get used to that, it will bring you a lot of benefits such as having the natural sense of harmony, developing full function of the brain, etc,. Experienced pianists are so familiar with the chords that they can easily collaborate other instruments. Some of them are better at catching the rule of composing as practicing piano is always a good way to train comprehensive sense of music. A lot of brilliant musicians and composers are excellent pianists as well, besides their main major.

Jing Han

Piano Faculty


Jing Han

Piano Faculty


Mei Lian

Piano Faculty

Pavlo Savitski FALL18.jpg

Pavlo Savitski

Early Piano & Bassoon


Qi Shen

Piano Faculty


Roksana Savitski

Piano Faculty


Sayaka Seki

Piano Faculty


Xin, Ti

Piano Faculty

Yue Liu_edited.jpg

Yue Liu

Vivace Artist

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