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Music School Houston

A Music School in Houston that Hones Your Skill and Artistry

Your child can take music lessons at school and perform well enough, or you can register with Vivace Academy LLC where their true musical gift is given the support needed to soar. Our music school in Houston features a faculty that includes many performing members of the Houston Symphony Orchestra and other premier classical music organizations from around the world. Learn from the professionals what it takes to reach the pinnacle of success while immersing yourself or your child in a supportive environment.

Audition for Private Music Lessons with the Best Tutors

We do set high standards for all of our students, but accept those just starting out on their musical path. Our registration for private music lessons includes going through the audition process so we can match your skill and age level with a teacher that is best suited for your particular needs. Whether you would like to improve your abilities on piano, violin, clarinet, brass, or percussion, we can connect you with a professional tutor. Some of our teachers also allow online lessons to maintain progress during summers and holidays when you might be traveling.

Our Music Teachers Perform Professionally at the Highest Levels

How do you become a professional musician? We truly believe that picking up the habits of practice, practice, and perform are best learned by those who have mastered their craft. Every music teacher at the Academy holds a degree in fine arts and demonstrates mastery of the instrument they are teaching. While an advanced violin student will benefit from taking lessons from a woodwind teacher from time to time, you will only learn the real tricks of the craft from a consummate performer.

Intensive Programs Designed to Increase Your Ability and Understanding of Music

Working with a music teacher for weekly face to face lessons is key in improving your technical ability, expanding your understanding of the entire art is needed to see some serious advancement in interpretation and performance. Vivace Academy LLC also offers group lessons in solfege, theory, and sight reading. Summer camps deliver an immersive experience that can allow a student to develop the focus required for success in the professional arena.

If you would like to learn more about Vivace Academy LLC and our registration process, simply click on the header to reserve your audition spot today. Our rigorous review process will match your or your child with a music teacher ready to support them and help to develop productive practice habits for a lifetime of musical creativity.

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