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Music Lessons

Prepare for Your Future with One-on-One Music Lessons

Whether your child is quickly outpacing the piano tutor at the mall or you have your eye on becoming a world-class classical musician, Vivace Academy LLC offers a challenging music lessons program for focused and talented individuals. With two convenient locations, we give you the option of Houston or attending our music school in Katy, TX. If you expect more from yourself, consider registering with a music teacher that is prepared to take you to the next level of proficiency and musicianship.

Online Music Lessons Fit into Your Schedule

Not only do we offer face-to-face private music lessons, you can also attend some of your classes via the internet. Our online music lessons can save you time during busy commuting hours or allow you to stay up to speed while traveling on summer vacations. While an online lesson cannot replace the importance of hands-on feedback, demonstration, and correction for the first year student, it is a wonderful option for the advanced student that wants to keep their career path on course.

Convenient Music School in Katy with World Class Performing Faculty

Our faculty is filled with world-class classical musicians that fully comprehend the years of practice required to reach the top level in our profession. Your child will not receive lessons from somebody who is less proficient or lacks the ability to demonstrate the most difficult passes in their recital piece. You will be able to follow in the path that leads to success as we use a unified approach that includes sight reading, physical repetition of technical skills, comprehension of music theory, and an intense practice schedule.

Fast Forward Your Skill Level with Ear Training and Music Theory Classes

When you step up to Vivace Academy LLC, you also have the opportunity to sign up for group ear training and theory classes. Students learn all the basic skills needed in the fast-paced world of performance music including rhythm, sight reading, echo singing, history, and theory. Watch your interpretation and execution of complicated scores rapidly improve with a wider appreciation of this fine art. Every student is required to participate each week with homework assignments that work hand in hand with regular weekly music lessons on your instrument.

If you or your child is ready to take the next leap into the world of classical music, apply today for your audition to gain entrance to Vivace Academy LLC. We do accept students at all levels from beginner to those preparing for entrance into some of the best music schools in the world. It is recommended that every parent and student fully comprehend our policies before applying.

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