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Music Camps

Music Camps for the Talented Performers of the Future

Have you or your child really seen big strides in their musical skills this year? Build on that success when you register for summer music camps by Vivace International School of Music. Available for dedicated music students of piano, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, oboe, cello, and double bass, these camps deliver intensive courses in performance, technique, and musical theory. At the end of the week, you will see and hear a significant difference. You will be ready for fall auditions and a more successful career.

Intense Classes for Music Near Me that See Serious Results

All of our music camps are conducted by performing musicians in the area of their specialty. If you live in the Greater Houston area, this is lessons in music near me able to propel you into the future with skills, habits, and comprehension needed to master the art of music. Many young students learn to read notes and hold their instrument correctly, but rarely receive education in the structure of music and how it comes together in a group setting. Our music camps are all about expanding your horizons by improving skills and habits.

Audition to Earn Proper Placement and Maximize Your Summer

We do require auditions to be approved for acceptance into our summer camp program. This is to ensure that you are placed with other students at a comparable level to maximize the use of class time. Our teachers strive to provide as much one-on-one lesson time as possible by limiting the camp size. Prepare for All-States at our All-State camp and master your audition piece.

Would you like more information about Vivace Academy LLC music camps and all-state instrument sessions? Click or call to receive an informational package and begin the audition process today.

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