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Instrument Classes

Audition for Advanced Music Instrument Classes Today

Is your child showing impressive progress on their clarinet or violin? Is their current music teacher a successful performing musician on the same instrument? It takes years of experience to master a single instrument. At Vivace Academy LLC we pair students and master musicians for instrument classes that produce young players ready for the performance stage. If you are looking for cello lessons, make sure your child is receiving pointers from a world class cellist. It happens every day at our Academy.

Personal and Online Clarinet Classes for Fast Forward Success

Whether you are looking for flute, oboe, or clarinet classes, we can help your child continue to improve even when you are on vacation with online classes. These are not a substitute for in-person and hands-on tuition, but ensure that valuable lesson time is not sacrificed due to an inability to reach the music school campus. We expect our students to practice every day, and a weekly lesson reinforces their efforts.

Professional Music Teachers Help You Work Toward the Future

Every member of our faculty has earned a degree in music. Many of our teachers also perform with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. Other instructors are associated with other classical groups that have world class reputations. When you or your child is shooting for attaining success in the highly competitive music field, it takes professional music teachers to lead you there. We will provide the tools needed to improve technique, interpretation, and comprehension. Optional courses for music history, theory, ear training, and sight reading are encouraged.

Sign up for success and schedule your audition with Vivace Academy LLC today. Whether you are a beginner or advanced musician, we will match you with a teacher that excels in the instrument of your choice.

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